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Group Risk Solutions

Customised solutions for Employers, Pension Funds and Funeral Schemes

Life is unpredictable
Let Safrican be your partner in managing risks within your business.

Our Group Risk Management Solutions will be tailored to your needs in consultation with one of our benefit consultants.

Features & Benefits

Read more below about our Group Risk Management Solutions for both compulsory and voluntary schemes.

  • Compulsory Schemes - Employers
  • Voluntary Schemes - Burial Societies & Stokvels
  • Voluntary Schemes - Parlours, Churches, Employers, Juristic Reps via FSP's
  • Ancillary Benefits
  • Bokamoso Funeral Plan
  • Group Products Brochure

Companies where employees feel cared for, have higher staff retention of committed loyal employees. Employees feel valued and want to contribute to your business’ continued success.

Provide them with Group Risk Benefits to help protect their financial future. Give your employees peace of mind if a traumatic life event that prevents them from earning an income.

At Safrican we say “When mom or dad dies with Life Cover, kids finish school, go to university and day to day living continues!” Live the Legacy.

Our Kids Education Benefit ensures that every child’s right to a good education is part of their journey to success. Parents need to be sure that if they pass away, tuition fees will be covered so their kids can continue to get the education they envisioned.

Benefits offered are:


Life Cover
Pays a sum assured as a multiple of salary on death. Help your employees or fund members be financially prepared for death with Group Life Cover.

Select core cover with a range of additional value-adds and optional benefits such as spouse’s life cover, accidental death and disability and critical illness cover.

Group-temporary disability @2x

Temporary Disability
A percentage of salary is paid up to maximum of 23 payments. This usually precedes a lump sum disability benefit.

Group-permanent disability @2x

Permanent Disability (lump sum)
Lump sum payable when disabled after a waiting period.

Group-critical illness 2 @2x

Critical Illness
The core lump-sum benefit pays out for a number of pre-defined illnesses. This cover minimises the financial stress related to the high costs of treating a severe illness.


Funeral Cover
Funeral cover for member, spouse and up to 6 children. Extended members can also be accommodated. Funeral cover that provides family members with assistance to cover the costs of a dignified farewell.

Group-credit life@2x

Credit Life
Exclusively offered to those employers or funds lending to customers / members: A combination of cover (life, disability, retrenchment) that will either settle the outstanding loan balance, or pay a monthly installment

Benefits that enhances your business EVP:
Benefits that enhances your business EVP:
  • This benefit enables your employees’ kids, to continue with their schooling, should anything happen to them.
  • Your employees and their beneficiaries get the support they need
  • Your injured or temporarily disabled employees can focus on getting better without financial worries.
  • Flexible income protection at an affordable price.
  • Delivers financial cover quickly to your key resources – your people.
  • A selection of income protection products.
  • Quick and easy claims processes.

We provide Funeral Solutions to friendly societies and other group partners with cost effective group funeral and associated benefits.

The funeral product will be distributed via burial societies, stokvels, co-operatives, churches and NPOs.

Our offering includes:
Funeral cover for members
Membership = 15 members and above
Cover limits = R50 000

Additional benefits offered are:


Members provided with burial benefits.


Provide Burial repatriation benefit.

Life-no underwriting copy@2x

Administrative system management.


We offer marketing solutions that enables the group to enhance and grow their business.

The funeral product will be distributed via funeral parlours, which are registered Financial Service Providers.

The parlours will have their own trained representatives, who understand the needs of their customers and match these with the products on offer. The product solution will include funeral insurance, as well as a selection of funeral products and services that can be secured with the amount of cover payable under the policy.

Our offering includes:
Funeral cover for groups
A unique needs met fee structure
Membership = 50 members and above
Cover limits = R50 000
You will need your own FSP license

Additional benefits offered are:


Members provided with burial benefits.


Provide Burial repatriation benefit.


We offer marketing solutions that enables the group to enhance and grow their business.

Additional benefits offered are:

Grocery 2



Beef / Inkomo


Memorial / Tombstone
The Memorial benefit aims to assist in meeting the cost of the unveiling ceremony. The memorial benefit may only be taken as an additional benefit to an existing Funeral policy.


Burial repatriation


In the event of a Principal member being retrenched for whatever reason, where the policyholder has a retrenchment benefit in place, cover will continue for a 6 (six) month period from date of retrenchment. Cover enjoyed by Principal Member, Spouse and eligible children. Cost for this benefit is 10% of the premium rate.



Bokamoso is an individual funeral cover plan truly made for everyone. Bokamoso is designed this plan in a way to make it as affordable as possible so that you can make sure your loved ones rest peacefully.

  Easy to Pay

Bokamoso can be paid via, debit order or Pay@ which is available at Ackersman’s,Boxer, Builder’s Warehouse, Checkers, Flash, Game, Kazang, Makro, Pep, Pick n’ Pay, Rhino, Shoprite, and Shoprite Usave, Spar and Top It Up.


Bokamoso is made for anyone and everyone including SASSA grant holders. If a funeral policy seems out of reach, try Bokamoso We are here to help you contribute to the needs of the big day.

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