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Provide And Protect

A legacy is not a collection of memories at the end of a life – it is consistent everyday acts; a lived experience. Live the legacy.

Taking our Provide and Protect Life Cover ensures you continue to Live your Legacy in the unfortunately event of being left permanently disabled or with a dread disease.

Life cover provides so that your family is able to pay off all outstanding debts and day to day living continues easily.

Features & Benefits

Life-minimum premium @2x

Minimum premium
R100 including the policy fee of R20, level premium.

Life-no underwriting@2x

No medical tests
This product has minimal underwriting limited to 7 medical questions, for a Maximum cover of R1m for a single life covered.

Life-Provide Bonus@2x

Provide Bonus
There is Provide Bonus amount equal to 20% of premiums paid back to you every 5 years to provide for you in YOUR lifetime.

You have the option to choose any combination of the
following benefits or all of them together:

Benefit Death Cover Physical Impairment Cover Dread Disease Cover
Entry Age 18 to 64 18 to 59 18 to 59
Minimum Cover R150 000 R50 000 R50 000
Maximum Cover R1 000 000 R1 000 000 R1 000 000
Provide Bonus 20% of premiums back every 5 years
Accidental Death Cover Immediate Accidental Death Cover

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Life Cover

    • What benefits does the product offer?

      • Death Benefit
      • Physical Impairment
      • Core Dread Disease
      • Cashback 20% of premiums due in each 5-year period, including the policy fee, in each 5-year period
    • What is the minimum and maximum cover amount I can get?

      • Death Benefit: R150 000 – R1 000 000
      • Physical Impairment: R50 000 – R1 000 000
      • Core Dread Disease: R50 000 – R1 000 000
    • When do the benefits cease as per the policyholder's age?

      • Death Benefit– Cover is provided for whole of life
      • Physical Impairment– Cover is provided up to age 64, or earlier death
      • Core Dread Disease– Cover is provided for whole of life
      • Cashback– Will continue to be paid if the policy is in force
    • What are the entry ages?

      • Death Benefit– 18 to 65
      • Physical Impairment– 18 to 59
      • Core Dread Disease– 18 to 65
    • What are the fees charged on a monthly premium?

      Administration fee– R20 per month

    • How much premium can I pay?

      The minimum premium is R80 (excluding policy fee of R20)

    • What questions are asked for underwriting purposes?

      • Only 7 health questions
      • No medical tests
    • What happens when principal life assured dies?

      The beneficiaries of the PLA will be eligible for the pay-out.

    • Does my premium increase on a yearly basis?

      There are no premium increases on a yearly basis. The plan charge will remain unchanged for the Level payment pattern.

    • Can a cover level be increased or decreased?

      The cover level may be increased or decreased at any time.

    • What are the exclusions?

      • Death Benefit– If death is caused by suicide committed within 24 months from the cover start date
      • Physical Impairment– Rules apply
      • Core Dread Disease– Rules apply
    • When does cover start?

      • Death Benefit
        • Accidental death– Day after acceptance day
        • Non-accidental death– The date that we collect the first premium
      • Physical Impairment– The date that we collect the first premium
      • Core Dread Disease– The date that we collect the first premium
    • Changing beneficiaries?

      The beneficiaries can be changed by the policyholder by request at any time



    You must be a South African citizen or a permanent resident.
    You must be between the ages of 18 and 64 when you take up the policy.
    You must have a bank account.

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