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  • As an ARL customer what does this mean for the policy I have with you?

    • All customer policies remain in force, and any benefits will continue to be honoured by ARL.
    • ARL has sufficient capital to meet customers benefits for the future, including honouring benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • You will continue to be serviced by ARL and contact us in the same way.
  • Why was I not notified about this? And how do I find out more?

    All customers were communicated to, about the merger on 12 March via email. Check your email, if it has changed please update it with us so that our future communications can reach you. A copy of the customer email is available on the website as well. All future communications with regards to the merger will also be sent to the email address provided to us by yourself.

  • This whole merger is confusing and concerning to me?

    We can assure you that your benefits will continue to be honoured, and there will be minimal impact to them as a result of the merge.

    The businesses are complementary in nature, and ARL and Safrican are coming together to unlock the potential of both businesses. ARL is agile and digitally enabled and primarily retail focused, and Safrican is group business focused. Together we want to continue serving all our customers in the best way possible.

  • When will the merge take place?

    As soon as the necessary approvals have been received, we will announce a merge date and next steps. For now, we will continue to operate as we are.

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